Hi! I'm Crystal, and I'm glad you are here. 

A couple of years ago, I felt inspired to write an Advent book, but I knew that it would be "more than a book" before I had any idea what I was getting into!

I wrote A Season of Love and Kindness in order to instill a faith grounded in love for all while encouraging my children to focus on sharing kindnesses as we prepared for Christmas each year. I am delighted to have the opportunity to share this tradition with you.

The "more than a book" part of this is in the pendant ornaments pictured in the book. At my house, we put the pendants in the numbered bags for each day, December 1st through 24th. We hang them on a small Christmas tree. In the morning, we open the pouch for that day to see the image on the pendant and then read from the book and discover the day's suggested act(s) of kindness. With the pendant ornaments, A Season of Love and Kindness becomes an Advent calendar that makes a difference. 

If you choose to join us in the tradition of kindness, I hope that it will bring joy and love to your home for many years to come.