Celebration Ideas

My favorite way to prepare for Christmas with my family is with acts of kindness, but you already knew that!

Some other fun ways to celebrate the season together:

  • Seasonal bedtime books. Find a number of books with holiday stories that you would like to share with your children. You can read a new one together each night to help get everyone in the spirit. You might up the excitement factor by wrapping the books and letting your littles open a new one each night to read. Try finding the books secondhand or at a give-and-take library to keep the cost down. Choose books you will be able to use for years to come.
  • Explore other traditions. We celebrate Christmas at our house, and this is a great time to learn about what people from other traditions are celebrating.
  • Go old school. Pull out those old, hand-written recipes and make cookies or another traditional item together while you show your kids how people wrote things down without a laptop!
  • Serve birthday cake for your Christmas dinner dessert. Let the kids decorate the cake, candles and all!